Senior Moves Simplified


Client ■ Senior Moves Simplified – Patricia Angland
Software ■ Illustrator & InDesign
Website ■

Graphic Designer  When I met Patricia her website was a garish medium dark blue, with a horrific graphic of scrawled yellow ducks in a row. The content was riddled with misspellings and grammatical issues. It was quite functional, though. She had no real logo and over all the experience of her web and print presence was not honoring her warm and professional personality or business. 

At first I made her website as a thank you for helping my grandfather during his move. It was free of charge and simply a gift. She loved it so much she wanted me to rebrand her with the graphic. The graphic is a commercial free use from Flickr, and there is credit given on the photos (though it is quite hard to see on the business card). During the process I had the chance to educate her on how typefaces had to be licensed for commercial use, and assisted her in purchasing the typefaces. We would have gone with commercial free ones but there is just so much heritage in Baskerville, and it really worked well with her clientele who are all later in their years and associate that typeface to professionalism and creditability.