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Web Design
Production Art
Identity Design

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Current Projects

All People Yoga (Newberg Oregon)
I create and develop the collateral for this delightful yoga business owned by Christine Kirk. Tee-shirts, flyers, special event notices and the seasonal schedule is my responsibility to design, compile and deliver.

Confidence Esthetics (Portland Oregon)
Working along side Patti Hughes, I developed her business’ branding. This has been applied through all her forms, her menu brochures and interior signage. I aid her in understand WordPress as a mentor. (online)
In a partnership with Rochelle Simpson, the moderator of the various realms of online co-authoring/role-playing associated to, my role is as the web designer and (using the term loosely) developer. Utilizing Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver I create the various websites for each realm: Chronicles of Aether, City of Crosses and Outbreak. Artwork of the characters is divided between me and Rochelle. The initial content is of my creation. It is modified by both members of and Rochelle as changes to the characters and gaming environment occur.

What the heck am I like?

I am a Warcraft loving, cat crazy, nature enjoying, pants detesting designer. My joys come when working on projects along side my clients from my base here in my home. My word of warning is I have a sense of humor and I’m not afraid to use it.