Personal Project – Key to the Inner Light Packet


Client ■ Personal Growth Project
Software ■ InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

Photographer, Content Writer, Packaging, Illustrator & Designer ■ I love the exploration of my personal growth and not just from a skill stand point in graphic design. I am also constantly seeking more information and experience with my interpersonal transformation.

To aid myself and my friends who gather with me in this adventure, I created a packet of information that contained a booklet to help explain some basic view points on energy work, subtle energy body maintenance and elemental body balancing. It has cards with symbols on one side and information on the other to double as flash cards and meditation cards. A small starting kit of stones has a handy tiny booklet to explain their uses with a pendulum for chakra and self-divination work.

The packet went over so well with others that I used its design in a secondary book I made for friends and students that rotates around graphic design practices, in this case, package making. I still use these tools today in my home with friends and clients.

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