Chronicles of Aether – Website of 2017


Client ■
Software ■ Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop
Websites ■ Chronicles of Aether

Web Designer, Illustrator ■ This free-to-play, by-email, online co-authoring group requires a lot of world setting information to be available to players. For the group’s tenth anniversary I redesigned the entire site from the ground up. My interest was to focus on art nouveau as the aesthetic style and clarify a decade worth of information with a focus on the story’s central people: Aetherians. The largest challenge was the over whelming about of information that had been added onto the group’s basic premise.

I compartmentalized the information, not from a game stand point which is my norm, but from a story-telling position. If most of the characters will be living in Aether, then all other world information is secondary. Rather than what classes can do what roles in an RPG, what professions can characters have based on their class in society? I moved on from there to redesign the pages to house the information in a more visually organized manner. What was once simply paragraphs with some headers, scrolling for days, now had break outs of the droning text with colorful containers and styled headers.

All in all from information organizing, asset collection and creation (maps, new headers and frame graphics) to using Dreamweaver to create the site I put in around 250 hours on this project. Thankfully, it was much appreciated by the newest players who needed the clarification of information, and older players who enjoy seeing all the new maps and artwork on the site.

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