All People Yoga – Newberg OR


Client ■ Christine Kirk
Software ■ InDesign, Illustrator

Graphic Designer ■ Christine runs two different studios, one in Newberg and one in conjunction with Chemeketa Community College in McMinnville. With a new quarter coming up, she needed a new schedule to hand out and post. I had developed the poster for the Somatic Workshop that I ran out of her studio and she fell in love with it. She asked me to design her schedules for the ‘Hut’ in Newberg and the Chemeketa Studio based off of my Somatic Workshop design. I did as desired, making a poster for each, a letter sized hand out and a 1/3rd sized hand out (for Chemeketa it is double sided). For all of them I have color and grayscale versions of the files for paper choice and printing needs.